Supporting Young People & Families

For the last fifteen years I have been involved in supporting children, young people and their families, in a variety of educational and therapeutic settings. This has included working as a teacher in mainstream and alternative schools. I have studied and researched holistic models of child development and applied them through teaching,  mentoring and coaching.

Other projects have included volunteering at an orphanage in India, supporting foster care children as an equine therapist, and offering mentoring services for a charity supporting children with learning difficulties. I have worked with children of all ages from three to eighteen.

In my work with children, I aim to appreciate how a child is developing a sense of themselves within the context of the immediate and extended family and in their educational and social life. It is my experience that children and young people strive to honour themselves and at the same time try to fit in with the conscious and unconscious expectations of their environment. There is a natural tension in this balancing act, one that can lead to opportunities for growth, personal expression and fulfilment, or can become frustrated, stuck and overwhelming.

Working today as an independent mentor and coach, I support children and young people to honour their individuality and to develop the natural resources they have to navigate the opportunities and challenges their lives present.  This can involve one-to-one coaching and mentoring where a particular subject or issue provides a focus, or it can involve a more inclusive exploration with parents,  carers and teachers.

My intention is to hold a compassionate and non-judgemental space that honours and supports the child to connect with their journey in their own unique way.

Mark Hunt MA MSc MBA QTS

Qualified teacher and a certified coach.


Please feel welcome to give me a call to discuss your interest. I also offer a free introductory meeting.

Mark – 07890 990 380