Welcome. I offer a confidential psychotherapy relationship where you will be received – exactly as you are – with empathy and understanding.

Engaging in psychotherapy for the first time can be a little daunting. You are welcome to get in touch for an initial conversation and an introductory meeting to see how it could feel to work together. There is no obligation to continue and anything you share will be held in confidence.

The Core Process Psychotherapy (CPP) approach recognises that the difficulties we face are not simply a product of our individual nature, or our DNA. Nor are they completely fixed, even though it can often feel this way especially when we are overwhelmed or feeling anxious and confused.

When we can gently and mindfully explore the subtleties of our feelings and thoughts, while maintaining a sense of care for ourselves, we can develop a deeper understanding of our issues, their origins and our relationship to them. We can also recognise more of what supports, sustains and nourishes us.

Psychotherapy can help with a range of issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, addiction, abuse, relationship difficulties, identity, sexuality, obsessions, grief, and phobias. It can support you to come to terms with difficult or confusing aspects of your life, and to develop a supportive outlook toward yourself.

Mark Hunt – MA UKCP

Core Process Psychotherapist

Getting in Touch

First Contact

When we speak on the phone I will ask a little about your reasons for considering psychotherapy. You can ask me about the way I practice and voice any questions or concerns you may have. You will likely get a sense of whether or not you could imagine working with me.

Introductory Session

We can arrange an introductory session, which is free of charge, and can last up to 45 minutes. This provides an opportunity to meet and see how it might be to work together. It is important to explore if a helpful connection with me is possible, and that you have some time to check-in to how this feels in the beginning.

There is no obligation to continue and anything you have shared with me will be held in the strictest confidence.

Working Together

If we decide to go ahead: we will arrange a regular time to meet each week. Initially we will work together for six sessions, and in the sixth session we will review how the therapy is going. This initial period provides a reasonable opportunity to do a little work together and to assess progress.

Core Process Psychotherapy

The CORE in Core Process Psychotherapy

At the heart of our nature we have an innate potential for health and wholeness. This potential is a bit like a blueprint that contains the wisdom to guide us toward natural states of clarity, health and well-being.

We may have lost touch this aspect of ourselves, or we may never have had the opportunity to develop a strong connection to it. Part of the therapeutic process involves acknowledging and developing this aspect of our nature and strengthening our relationship to it.

Mindfulness & Awareness

Awareness is the ability to bring our attention to things we may ordinarily overlook and mindfulness is concerned with being able to focus on them in such a way that we develop understanding. Our thoughts and feelings often move so quickly that we don’t get the chance to truly engage with them and we become disconnected and confused.

If we can begin to carefully explore our inner experience with more awareness, we can start to allow unacknowledged feelings to surface, and can develop a more complete understanding of ourselves.

Support & Resources

Psychotherapy can be a deep and subtle enquiry that can evoke strong feelings. I support my clients in this work by staying in touch with my own awareness and resources and by tuning in to their needs as we work together.

My ability to do this is supported by a long-standing and ongoing practice of meditation and contemplation.

Practicalities & Profession

Weekly Psychotherapy

Therapy usually takes place weekly at the same time and place. This helps to create a rhythm and routine for the work. Of course there are times when it is not possible to meet due to illness or other commitments. In these cases it is helpful to have as much notice as possible, and at least 48 hours. I will also provide notice if I am not going to be available.


My standard fee is £50 for each hourly session. I do have some concessional spaces for those on a low income and students (over 18 years old).


My work is carried out in the strictest confidence and I have regular supervision from an accredited supervisor.

Qualified & Accredited

I hold a Masters Degree in Core Process Psychotherapy from the Karuna Institute. I am fully accredited by the UK Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP) and follow their ethical guidelines.  I am also a member of the Association of Core Process Psychotherapists (ACPP).

Mark – 07890 990 380